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Hall of Fame
Acknowledgements (in a-z order):

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I would like to show my respect and appreciation towards the following people:
  • Alta of Rebels for contributing with his old collection,
  • Anonym of Padua for being so helpful,
  • Bacchus of Fairlight,
  • Bagder of Horizon for contibuting with a great number of material,
  • Bob of Censor Design for being a cool guy,
  • Bod of Talent for collecting a great number of demos and letting me use his CDs as the base of my compilation,
  • Burglar of Success for maintaining The Digital Dungeon,
  • CBA of TRC for maintaining The Digital Dungeon,
  • Clarence of Graffity for his collection of demos and for being one of the best Hungarian coder,
  • Crossbow of Crest for being the most active coder ever on the C64,
  • Drax for composing nice music,
  • GCS of Ideal for extracting many intros,
  • Ghostrider of Noname for collecting a lot of stuff,
  • Groepaz of Hitmen for giving me a CD-ROM filled with C64 productions,
  • Håkan Sundell for writing the greatest C64 emulator ever, the CCS64,
  • JCH for making very nice tunes
  • Jeroen Tel for composing wonderful music on the C64,
  • Jerry of Triad for helping me so accurately,
  • Joe Forster of STA for writing Star Commander, the greatest PC tool ever for handling the C64 image files,
  • Linus Torvalds for developping the kernel of LINUX and thus being a "messiah" in his effort to save the world from the Evil,
  • Lion of Chromance for maintaining Hall of Fame Hungary and for helping me a lot collecting demos and productions for the C64CD,
  • Miha Peternel for writing the C64s emulator,
  • Marko Mäkelä for making Hall of Fame Finland possible and for the C64 collection of Funet,
  • MJK for updating his Sceners' Addy List and letting me use it,
  • Morpheus of Flash Inc. for letting me use all the material on his great homepage,
  • Mr.Wax of Chromance for being restless in keeping the group stong and alive during all those years,
  • Scorpie of F4CG for being a good friend and for supplying me with so many photos,
  • SKC/Sangfroid of Chromance for correcting my English,
  • Strider of Fairlight,
  • Unifier of Flash Inc. for contributing with many files and being so kind to make some addvertisement for Hall of Fame,
  • Wix of Pride for his help in archiving my work from time to time, and for his giant collection of demos,
  • and finally everyone whom I admire and all those who have contributed in the CD collection and in this wonderful world that is called the C64 scene.
If you fill that you should be listed here (I forgot to mention your name by chance), then drop me a line about it and I will gladly fill the gap.

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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