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Scene related links

The C-64 Scene Database A site dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners and the events in the Commodore 64 scene.
Commodore 64 Audio Amazing C64 and Amiga Remix CDs - 100% licensed and professional. Chris Abbott made a great effort to collect and edit old SID tunes in studio quality. Browse his site and order from his CDs!
C64 Rulez A community site by Lion of Kempelen (ex-Chromance). He has been a great help in creating and maintaining Hall of Fame and the pertaining scene product collection.
In Medias Res Zike is working hard on finding information of the past legends of the Commodore 64 and Amiga scene. Get more information about the legendary people! Please give a visit to this excellent site, the source of a number of adapted ideas and a great deal of information on Hall of Fame.
Bacchus of Fairlight A homepage maintained by Bacchus of Fairlight
Fairlight - When Dreams Come True...
One of the best designed homepages one can find. Strider of Fairlight maintains this site about his group and a lot more.
SCS and TRC homepage
Home of the legendary Success and The Ruling Company. From here you can visit their famous FTP site, the Digital Dungeon.
Clique homepage
Again a well designed homepage from an interesting Turkish group. Lot of nice graphics and well written stories covering the groups past activity. Maintainer is Remix of Clique.
Flash Inc.'s
World of Joy
FHI's homepage is a nice example of how a www site, dedicated to a C64 group should look like. Maintained by Morpheus of Flash Inc.
Censor Design
A cool site from the Swedish group...

Own projects

Travelogue Photos My extensive collection of images of wildlife, scenery and culture. A great number of photos from Costa Rica and different sea turtle projects and travel pictures in general.
I made this website in Costa Rica working for a Sea Turtle Restoration Programme. PRETOMA tries to save the sea turtles and the marine habitat in general.

A night trekking club based in Hungary.

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Secured Credit Cards Online credit card applications offering links to secured applications.
Reward Credit Cards Presents all the reward and cashback credit cards.
Platinum Credit Cards Enlists all the platinum credit cards offers from different providers.
Titanium Credit Cards Selected titanium credit card applications from some of the best providers.
Visa Credit Card Applications Online credit card applications and instant decisions. Offers links to Visa applications.
Credit Cards for Students This site was specially designed to help the young ones to decide which credit card to choose.
Zero APR credit cards Online applications for top-rated U.S. credit cards requiring good credit, and request instant approval from select companies.
Air mile Credit Cards Credit card offerings for travelers.
Comparing Credit Cards Credit cards comparison charts.
Low APR Credit Cards Credit cards presented here have low APR.
Platinum Credit Cards Credit cards coming with the platinum benefits.

Other links

Polish Busty Girls Beautiful Natural Young Ladies from with Great Tits. Free Galleries.
Ewa Barbara Sonnet Sexy Ewa Sonnet is a girl from Poland and features a round natural shape and a huge boob.

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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