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30.08- 01.09.1996 in Pecs, Hungary
Assembly 94
05- 07.08.1994 in Helsinki, Finland
Assembly 95
10- 13.08.1995 in Helsinki, Finland
Assembly 96
16- 18.08.1995 in Helsinki, Finland
Byterapers Grendelparty 88
20- 22.04.1988 in Iisalmi, Finland
The Computer Crossroad (TCC'93)
29.05- 31.05.1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden
Flag 96
19- 22.07.1996 in Budapest, Hungary
Horizon Party 89
12- 15.05.1989 in Eskilstuna, Sweden
The Party VI
26- 28.12.1996 in Aars Denmark
Pie Slice 96
11- 13.10.1996 in Budapest, Hungary
Scenest 97
04- 06.04.1997 in Budapest, Hungary
xx- xx.xx.1995 in Utrecht, Holland
06- 07.04.1996 in Utrecht, Holland

Groups Stories Photos Interviews Articles Parties

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